It’s True! Life Really Does Begin At 40.

Well it did for me anyway. If like me you had your children young, one daughter at the age of 25, when you reach 40 it’s time to make plans for a new life because you’re moving into a new era.

I dedicated my life to my daughter for 15 years and now it is ‘My time’. On the eve of my 30th birthday I cried because I felt I was no longer young. On the eve of my 40th, different story, I was so excited and looking forward to the rest of my life.

I had plans, there were things I knew I wanted to do and WORK wasn’t one of them. I made a plan to work towards quitting ‘the rat race’ so I could live life on my terms.

So here I am 7 years later and I no longer commute to a 9 -5 J.O.B (Just Over Broke). I don’t have to worry about my bills because I know they are covered by my passive income I created for myself and now I spend my time doing what I want, when I want!

For years I spent the majority of my day sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen. I got fatter, I got weaker, my body started to ache, my hips were becoming inflexible, my back began to ache and I suffered from sciatica all from sitting in the same position day in day out. I was bored and unchallenged. I worked as a PA in a London University and it was my job to provide support for the higher echelons of the University.

I saw how hard these people worked, the long hours they put in so their families could enjoy a fairly nice lifestyle, not them, they were slogging hard at work and contending with the long tedious commute every day.

Not me mate! I knew I had to get out.

So here I am now, I go to the gym 2 – 3 times a week: I’ve lost 2 stone in weight, I meet with friends during the daytime, we go for walks followed by a stop in a cafe for cake and green tea for me. What once used to be a hobby when I could fit it in has turned into a money spinner where I actually teach yoga (no more inflexibilty or sciatica) and this year I am spending the whole month of May in Spain. Couldn’t do that on a 9 – 5.

My dream of moving to Spain is finally coming to fruition and I have set 2020 as the year to do it. It’s possible now as I have set myself up with the passive income to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want!

Oh and I haven’t mentioned yet, my laptop lifestyle. The ability to earn money from anywhere I choose through my online business. I’ll tell you more about that in my next blog!

My Ideal Morning

As I sit here writing this blog from sunny Spain, I am living my ideal morning. I’m sat on my terrace in the shade hiding from the hot sun that I’ve just been bathing in, on the lounger by the pool. Oh, the peace and tranquility, I can hear the hum of the pool cleansing system and the tweets from all the different birds that are happily roosting amongst the carefully manicured and shaped trees.

I was gently awoken this morning by the rise of the morning sun. No more alarm clocks for me! I showered and put on my yoga clothes ready for my morning session. First though I leisurely had my breakfast of Greek yoghurt with mango, delicious! and a glass of orange juice sat out on the lounger in the sun.

After allowing my breakfast to settle, sat out on the lounger, I began my yoga session right there on the lounger all the while with my eyes closed. Ahh, what bliss! meditating, breathing, practising asanas and relaxing while the sun beats down on me warming up my body. I can see now why hot yoga is so appealing. As I close my eyes and relax the beautiful colours that appear in my minds eye is so nourishing and soothing. With soft, gentle music playing in the background I hardly notice the people that pass by.

After I complete my practice, the groundsman comes over to ask me about yoga and meditation for his son who suffers from anxiety. I only speak a little Spanish, I understand more than I can speak, but enough for him to understand that I would recommend it for his son. I love talking about yoga because I believe everyone should practice yoga whether they have health issues or not. Yoga will help prevent future issues and it helps to ease, or in some cases, eliminate issues.

Simone sitting on a beach wall
Simone sitting on a beach wall

So, I’m three and a half weeks in to my one month stay in Spain. It’s my dream to live in Spain and my dream is getting ever closer. I’m making things happen, this year one month, next year maybe three and after that the big move. For now I’m happy just living my Ideal Morning!

How am I able to do this? Because I work for myself. I can take time off when I want or I can work from wherever I want just with my laptop.

I am a landlady and manage my portfolio myself. Whilst being here, I sorted out a new tenancy, completed a remortgage, and organised a toilet to be fixed.

I am a Yoga Teacher so will be launching my online yoga real soon and I’m also working on my Affiliate Marketing business. 

A world away from 3 years ago when I used to be abruptly awoken by my alarm clock to get up in the dark, to travel 80 miles on the train to work and 80 miles back. To spend my whole day sitting on my butt in front of a computer as my body began to seize up. Ugh, it erks me just to think about it, so I won’t.

What about you? Are you living your ideal morning?

Is A Career Change After 40 Possible?

Are you bored or disenchanted with your current career? Do you feel as though you need to bring new challenge into your life? Are you over 40 years old? Scary prospect, huh?

Well it needn’t be. Many people before you have done it. ‘A change is as good as a rest’ as they say. If you’re gonna make a change at this point in your life make sure it’s a good one. Aim to incorporate your passions in your new career choice. I’ve done just that with the training from the Six Figure Mentors I have set up this digital online business. If you click on the button below you see just how I managed to achieve that.

Follow in the footsteps of people like Giorgio Armani, the famous designer, who studied Medicine at university and started his working life in the army and worked in the military hospital. He left the army in 1953 and it wasn’t until 1975 that he started his own company following his passion for designing clothes.

Stephen King, one of the world’s best selling authors was a high school teacher before finding his feet as a novelist. Even Stephen King turned digital in 2000, when he published online a serialized horror novel, The Plant.

Jeff Bezos had a career in computer science in the financial sector before he launched Amazon at the age of 31.

At the age of 50, Julia Child wrote her first cookbook and became a celebrity chef having previously worked in the advertising, media and secret intelligence. It was until she was of adult age that she learned to cook having had a family cook whilst growing up.

I ‘m sure you know the story of Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both were successful Hollywood actors before turning their hands to politics. Arnie has even done it more than once, first being a professional bodybuilder and power-lifter, he is an author, filmmaker and activist. Quite a diverse range of skills, would you agree?

I’m not suggesting that you need to do anything so high profile but why not if you have those talents and desires? All I’m saying is it is absolutely possible to change careers at any stage in your life. Many before you have done so, becoming diving instructors, coaches, lawyers, property investors, garden designers to name just a few. My mother, after being a legal secretary for a number of years, became a lawyer in her 40s and ran her own solicitors practice 3 years after qualifying.

Me personally, I changed career at the age of 46. I used to be a PA in a London university, but I became bored and unchallenged. I didn’t want to spend the next 20 years still doing the arduous commute and sitting in at a desk in front of a computer for hours on end. The opportunity came up for me to accept voluntary redundancy and I took it with open arms. I wasn’t phased at all by the prospect of not having a new job to go to because I knew, quite frankly, that I no longer wanted to work for someone.

I wanted to live life on my own terms. Online business was growing at a rapid rate and I’d heard about affiliate marketing, informing audiences of products and services that would bring them value, and that appealed to me. I spend a lot of my spare time surfing the net anyway so this is something that I knew I would enjoy.

How about you? What is it that you enjoy?

I came across the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) which has been transformational in developing my online career. You reading this blog is an example of the new skills I have learned since joining SFM. I have learned how to build websites, how to do successful online marketing, affiliate marketing, I’ll be learning how to source products in China and bring them to the UK market. I’ve launched a t-shirt range.

Feel free to take a look:

I’m hoping to launch a yoga channel on YouTube in the not too distant future and possibly producing my own brand yoga products, mats, bricks, belts. Like I said earlier, this is an example of incorporating my passion into my business.

Have you thought about your passions and how you could incorporate it into you business yet? It could be anything from knitting to hiking, playing guitar to . You could write a book about your passion, no really I mean it, study human psychology and become a psychologist, a massage therapist, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, band musician. All these things can be done at any age and many of these careers can be done online too. Wanna see how? Click the button below for an insight.

My Favourite Destinations So Far …

I love to travel, who doesn’t? I was introduced to travelling by my mum when she took me as a 14 year old and my sister, 10, on a European coach trip. We travelled through Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy for 13 days. I got the bug and have travelled every year since.

My favourite destinations have been Cape Verde, an archipelago of African islands not far from the Spanish Balearic islands. A couple of weeks on the island of Boa Vista spent lazing by the pool and an island tour took us into the desert sands of the Sahara desert which had blown it’s way onto the island. An island that only receives rain once a year and guess what? that day was when we were on holiday on the island. What a blessing sight, the natives were so happy they danced in the torrential rain and jumped in the swimming pool.


I have a love affair with Malta, so much so I bought a timeshare on the island, so this is a regular for me. A country where everyone speaks English and the natives are so friendly. The coastline is rugged and the architecture interesting. In the summer it can become a bit unbearable but the quality of the sun is beautiful.

St Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean island but not one of the popular commercial ones. Luscious and green it is a stunning island of vegetation and mountains. The people of the island speak with an accent that sounds like they are from Yorkshire. My visit to the island was during the Christmas and New Year period so it was a time of frivolity and joy. A long walk along a dried up river was had on Christmas Day to digest the Christmas feast that we enjoyed outside in the warm sun. And the festivities of J’ouvert morning began at 4am on Boxing Day as we danced and through water over each other.


Not forgetting Thailand, we were right on the beach in the area where the fretful tsunami occured not so long ago. But they have done a super job in rebuilding the it so you would never know it ever happened. Fantastic place to get a great massage at such good value (for us anyway) and lovely peaceful people. My highlight of the trip was meeting the elephants.

My baby elephant

As straight as it may seem however, my number one destination is Spain, so much so that I will be emigrating to there in the not so distant future. I have been a fair number of times, to the capital, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Mar Menor in Costa Calida, Costa Del Sol and Costa De La Luz. Being from London, a city girl, I am looking for a slower pace now so the Costas appeal to me more. Why Spain? It’s like UK in the sun but it has palm trees.

As I now run an online business I am able to take my business with me and run it from wherever I choose so the transition to living in Spain should be more straightforward. I can’t wait!

If you’d like to see how I can take my business with me

How to Begin to Change Your Life.

Are you truly happy with where your life is at right now?

In your relationship? In your health and well-being? and in your financial positioning?

If your answer to all three questions is ‘Yes’, then great! I am sincerely pleased for you. But if the answer to any of those questions in ‘No’ then I ask you, “What are you doing to change it?” Because you can change it, and it’s down to you to make that change, not for someone else to do something for you, or for a situation/ environment to change, it’s completely down to you. I completely agree with Jim Rohn when he says,

The major key to your better future is you.

My suggestion to you, to start the process to make the changes needed, is to read books. Many of the most successful people in the world will tell you, you should read daily. Books give you information, ideas, motivation and inspiration.

If you are anything like me I can’t seem to keep my head out of books. Sometimes I’m reading three books at a time like right now I’m reading Influence by Robert B. Cialdini; How to Get Money for Anything Fast! by Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vitale; and You’re a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. (Seing a theme here?)

I’m not one to read novels, I just don’t have time for that. I crave knowledge and for me life is a continual education.

Speaking of education, I feel it’s really important for individuals to get financial education which isn’t taught in schools so I took my financial education into my own hands which moves nicely into my 3 most influential books. Probably not what your expecting but hear me out.

Book #1
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

“The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money… but never learn to have money work for them.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki

A best seller, this was the first book I read which introduced me to how I could start making a change to my financial situation. An easy to read book with an interesting story, it educates you in the concept of assets and liabilities. A good introduction into financial security, I found it so powerful that I bought a copy for my daughter, niece and nephew.

I’t not how much money you make. It’s how much you keep.

Book #2

Property Magic by Simon Zutshi

Having bought my first investment property and owning it for a number of years, I was baffled as to how other investors were able to grow their portfolios so quickly and sought to find the answer. I was watching the Property Network channel on TV and saw Simon Zutshi talking about his book, Property Magic so I immediately purchased a copy. I couldn’t put the book down, I read it in about 2 days. It was in that book that I learnt the secret to growing a portfolio.

This was the book that led me to financial freedom. It was the stepping stone in educating myself in property investments.

Book #3

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

A book in self-improvement and another best seller written in 1937 but still very relevant today. In it he talks about 13 ‘Steps to riches’, those being:

Desire; Faith; Auto-suggestion; specialized knowledge; imagination; organized planning; decision; persistence; power of the Mastermind; the mystery of sex transmutation; the sub conscious mind; the brain; and the sixth sense; a chapter dedicated to each one.

To write the book Hill interviewed some of the most successful men of his time including Henry Ford. To summarise the book, it outlines the main requirements for success, profoundly: desire, faith, plans and persistence.

These books opened up my eyes to make the changes in my life to a better future!

I now have more time to do the things I enjoy, I can choose what to do with my time and when to do it, I have the time to spend with the people I cherish. I no longer need an alarm clock to tell me what time to get up in the morning and I set my own schedule for the day. I am not dictated to by a job!

I made the decision to take back control of my life and started my Digital Business, because we still have to work, right? The difference being, though, I choose when, where and the number of hours I choose to work.

Self-development is also about making yourself more valuable in the world. I learnt that from Jim Rohn. Learning new skills in my 40s has brought new challenge and excitement into my life, making it all the more enjoyable.

So as I suggested at the beginning, if you’re ready to make changes in your life I recommend you start reading books to give you that inspiration and push that you might need.

And if you’re interested in what my Digital Business looks like:

My Top 3 Favourite Motivational Quotes

Do you need a little push to move forward in your life?

Are you currently in a place where life is just a routine and you know there’s more to life but you just need something to give you that nudge? Well I’m going to try to help by telling you my 3 most favourite motivational quotes. There’s so many motivational speakers out there these days, you just have to tune in and find the one that resonates with you. Many of you have probably heard of Tony or Anthony Robbins who is leading the game at the moment but there are others like Jim Rohn (deceased), Bob Proctor, Mel Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Lisa Nichols, Zig Ziglar(deceased)…

Personally, I like Les Brown and Jim Rohn, a bit quirky but makes a whole heap of sense.

So to my 3 Favourite Motivational Quotes:

If you wanna fly you have to jump! – Steve Harvey

If, you’re like me, and going to a job every day where you really don’t want to be, you’re not really living, just existing. This may be hard for some of you to read but it’s true! If you know there’s more out there you gotta do what Steve says and take that leap. The parachute won’t open until you take that leap and pull the chord.

“if you wanna fly you have to jump”

The key to your future success is YOU! – Jim Rohn

If you want something about your life to change, only YOU can make that change. If you want that promotion, YOU have to make yourself noticeable and desirable for it. If you don’t have the qualifications necessary for the job you want YOU have to go out and get them. If you want to lose weight, it’s up to YOU to do something about it. If you don’t have enough money, go do something about it: get a higher paying job, an extra part-time job, reduce your expenses or start a side hustle.

Feel the fear and do it anyway! – Susan Jeffers

Check it out on Amazon

This is actually a book title but I love the sentiment of the title. It’s a quote I use all the time for myself and to others and it’s also a great read. If you have a job interview to go to, a date you’ve been invited to, anything that’s challenging and causing you anxiety. Those feelings are perfectly normal just accept them and face the challenge head on. Once it’s over, it won’t be as bad as you thought it would, I promise you. You just’ve just got to ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!’

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom ! – Jim Rohn

Another Jim Rohn quote, he was a wise man. You can watch videos on YouTube or listen to podcasts that feature his presentations. As he says, you need to work on yourself. If you feel something is not within your reach do something about yourself to bring it within your reach. Educate yourself, motivate yourself, make yourself stronger. Work on you.

There’s plenty more where those came from but those are the top 3 that I regularly reflect on. If you need help with working on yourself I recommend you check out the people I’ve mentioned above.

See you in my next blog where I’ll tell you my three most inspirational books.

As an Amazon Associate I receive a commission on qualifying purchases.

I am a Creator Profile, Which One Are You?

Have you tried doing a personality profile to see where your strengths lie? According to Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics, profiling system for entrepreneurs, I am a Creator.

My strengths are that I am a visionary; obviously, creative; I’m optimistic; stimulating; able to inspire others; can multi task; quick to get results; and great at getting things started. He’s got me to a tee!

My weaknesses it states are a poor sense of timing; impatient; over-optimistic with what others can achieve; easily distracted; terrible at getting things finished. Again, spot on!

Other creator profiles include Walt Disney, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, JK Rowling and Elon Musk. Wow, I’m in good company.

Sir Richard Branson 2019

Creators, roger says,

‘…can’t resist creating. They keep creating long after they’ve run out of resorces, money, and other people’s patience. In fact, they have their greatest creative breakthroughs after most would have given up. Before Walt Disney’s first animated movie finished, he ran out of money himself…

Many Creators fail because of their over-optimism as to what their business and their team can achieve. This optimism has led many to take on far too much,leaving them little time to do what they do best. Successful Creators have delegated everything except the creative process itself – and they focus on creating new products, or new companies, while others take care of the day to day business.’

Roger identifies 8 wealth profiles:

  • Creator – creating a better product; great at getting things started, and terrible at finishing
  • Star – creating a better brand; excellent promoters, shining the light on others more than themselves
  • Supporter – leading the team; excellent with people, to be found in the middle of a party
  • Deal Maker – bringing people together; have a strong sense of loyalty, and always make sure everyone is OK
  • Trader – buying low selling high, keep their ear to the ground and keep things fair
  • Accumulator – collecting appreciating assets; are excellent project managers, they are in their flow when collecting and organising existing resources
  • Lord – controlling cash flow assets; great at detail, best at researching and studying information
  • Mechanic – creating a better system; best at completing things but are perfectionists so take longer to get things done.

I know you’re thinking, what’s the point of all this? Knowing your profile type helps you to realise whether you are in the right role, to find out where your flow lies. If you are not feeling fulfilled in your work maybe you are in the wrong role.

So what profile are you? To find out go to: https://www.wdprofiletest.com/home/

‘Job For Life’ Just Doesn’t Exist Anymore!

Have you experienced redundancy in the past? Are you facing redundancy now?

How does that make you feel? Worried, anxious, devastated…

Well, when I faced voluntary redundancy 2 years ago I was a little apprehensive but it came at the right time for me. I was only 46, so not ready for retirement and pension payout and I hadn’t been working there for years so wasn’t expecting a big payout but I was excited by the prospect.

It came at the right time as I had been considering asking for a sabbatical for a while. I needed a change of scenery and I was being offered 6 months worth of financial support to do so. It took a little thought but I went for it and I haven’t looked back since.

I wasn’t happy with how my life was going at the time. I knew something had to change. I used to suffer from that Sunday evening feeling, you know, the one that grates in your stomach knowing that you have to get up early in the morning and face another 5 days of early morning starts and the unbearable rush hour commute; of coming home to get ready to do it all again the next day; and already looking forward to Friday. That’s not life!

We go to school and we’re taught to do exams and gain qualifications to join the rat race and limit our income, and our lives quite frankly. I followed the path I was led down and joined the rat race like most of us do. But many years on I have come to realise that this is not living!

There are other paths, other ways to do it and I’m not talking about being an entrepeneur or a big business owner. I can honestly say I am so much happier with life now that I run an online business from home. Check it out here: https://simoneandrealifestyle.com/start/stories

I am not required to work at a particular time in a specific location. I choose when I want to work and where be that in my bed, at my desk or in a coffee shop.

I spend quality time with my daughter, I spend time with friends, I go to the gym and have time to cook proper meals at home. I also teach yoga part-time which I love.

I have discovered a way to earn money alongside living life. What about you? Are you living to work or working to live?


Mine’s a Pina Colada!

So what’s all this about a ‘laptop lifestyle’ I hear you ask?

Well it’s about having an internet business and earning money online just with a laptop and internet connection. This frees me up to go anywhere I like and still be able to run my business. This May I’m going to Spain for the month to get some sun and I’ll be running my business from my sunny terrace overlooking the communal swimming pool with Pina Colada in hand.

Businesses that you can run online range from web or graphic design, online selling, online coaching, online fitness or nutrition, Virtual Assistant, running online courses, blogging, being an Influencer, and affiliate marketing, the list goes on.

Online business is where it’s at right now and for the forseeable future. Think about it – how much time do you spend online? how often do you buy online? how many ebooks have you downloaded? do you buy your groceries online? I do.

You’ve heard about all the businesses that are closing down stores and going online, right? How often do you hear about banks closing branches because they are pushing services online? It’s happening on a daily basis. What does that tell you about business online?

Me personally, I’ve taken the affiliate marketing route. Why? because I feel it’s the easiest to get started with and entails low start up cost.

Affiliate marketing explained…

Affiliate marketing is where you act as a middle person between buyer and seller. You don’t have to produce or stock any products yourself, there is no product handling involved. You are not involved in any customer service or dealing with complaints or returns. You are simply an introducer and when someone buys the product you have introduced them to you receive a commission on that sale. Depending on what your selling commissions can be anything from 3% up to as much as 100%. It really is that easy!

You don’t even need technical skills to become an Affiliate Marketer.

So, how did I get started?

I know you’re dying to know. I joined a community called Six Figure Mentors. You can check them out here:


They do ‘what it says on the tin’ – mentor you to a 6 figure income. They walk you through, step by step, how to set up websites, how and where to find products to sell…

but hey, why listen to me explain? let me introduce you to Stuart Ross, one of my mentors, to do it for me. He’s much better at it. Listen to what he has to say by clicking this link:


But… Does Money Really Make You Happy?

I say “no”! It’s not the intrinsic pounds that make you happy. It’s the opportunities that money can open to you which make you happy.

So what is it that really makes you happy? Below I have listed 4 things that I believe lead to happiness. You may disagree with me, but that’s OK as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here’s mine:


There is nothing like the love of your own children. I know there are people who choose not to have children and some who are unable to have children of their own but those that do and have strong bonds and healthy relationships with their children are filled with happiness and pride.

The same applies if you have a strong relationship with and love your parents or any other member of your family, biological or otherwise.

Not speaking from experience but I would imagine this applies for partners as well.

Love brings happiness! and money can provide the opportunity to experience great moments and adventures together. It provides meals out, cinema or theatre trips, holidays, the ability to shower your loved ones with gifts and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. So it’s not just you that benefits, in this way the happiness is shared.


It’s about being accepting and thankful of what you have. We live in such a consumerist world but check it! Do you actually need flash cars, designer clothes, jewellery, the lastest technology and gadgets etc…

Things to be grateful for: the roof over your head, the food in your kitchen the clothes on your back. Anything else is a bonus, luxury even. If you have the 3 things I mention you are doing better than a large %age of the world population.


To be happy life needs to be balanced, you can’t be doing to much of one thing. Do you spend most of your time working? Well that’s not balanced. Those of us who are happy have a good life/work balance. Especially those of us who have the fortune to fit work around life and not the other way round.

Family spending time together in Malta

Do you have time in your life for personal interests, family and social or leisure activities? Balance is also important for mental state of mind. Without a healthy state of mind we cannot be happy.

Social Life

Linked to balance, we are primarily social creatures and so need some sort of social life in order to be happy. I realise that some people are loners and prefer not to socialise the majority of us however, need friends that we can laugh with and confide in.

These are some of the things that I consider make you happy and money is  not involved in any of them!

So I ask again, ‘Does money really make you happy?’