I say “no”! It’s not the intrinsic pounds that make you happy. It’s the opportunities that money can open to you which make you happy.

So what is it that really makes you happy? Below I have listed 4 things that I believe lead to happiness. You may disagree with me, but that’s OK as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here’s mine:


There is nothing like the love of your own children. I know there are people who choose not to have children and some who are unable to have children of their own but those that do and have strong bonds and healthy relationships with their children are filled with happiness and pride.

The same applies if you have a strong relationship with and love your parents or any other member of your family, biological or otherwise.

Not speaking from experience but I would imagine this applies for partners as well.

Love brings happiness! and money can provide the opportunity to experience great moments and adventures together. It provides meals out, cinema or theatre trips, holidays, the ability to shower your loved ones with gifts and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. So it’s not just you that benefits, in this way the happiness is shared.


It’s about being accepting and thankful of what you have. We live in such a consumerist world but check it! Do you actually need flash cars, designer clothes, jewellery, the lastest technology and gadgets etc…

Things to be grateful for: the roof over your head, the food in your kitchen the clothes on your back. Anything else is a bonus, luxury even. If you have the 3 things I mention you are doing better than a large %age of the world population.


To be happy life needs to be balanced, you can’t be doing to much of one thing. Do you spend most of your time working? Well that’s not balanced. Those of us who are happy have a good life/work balance. Especially those of us who have the fortune to fit work around life and not the other way round.

Family spending time together in Malta

Do you have time in your life for personal interests, family and social or leisure activities? Balance is also important for mental state of mind. Without a healthy state of mind we cannot be happy.

Social Life

Linked to balance, we are primarily social creatures and so need some sort of social life in order to be happy. I realise that some people are loners and prefer not to socialise the majority of us however, need friends that we can laugh with and confide in.

These are some of the things that I consider make you happy and money is  not involved in any of them!

So I ask again, ‘Does money really make you happy?’

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