So what’s all this about a ‘laptop lifestyle’ I hear you ask?

Well it’s about having an internet business and earning money online just with a laptop and internet connection. This frees me up to go anywhere I like and still be able to run my business. This May I’m going to Spain for the month to get some sun and I’ll be running my business from my sunny terrace overlooking the communal swimming pool with Pina Colada in hand.

Businesses that you can run online range from web or graphic design, online selling, online coaching, online fitness or nutrition, Virtual Assistant, running online courses, blogging, being an Influencer, and affiliate marketing, the list goes on.

Online business is where it’s at right now and for the forseeable future. Think about it – how much time do you spend online? how often do you buy online? how many ebooks have you downloaded? do you buy your groceries online? I do.

You’ve heard about all the businesses that are closing down stores and going online, right? How often do you hear about banks closing branches because they are pushing services online? It’s happening on a daily basis. What does that tell you about business online?

Me personally, I’ve taken the affiliate marketing route. Why? because I feel it’s the easiest to get started with and entails low start up cost.

Affiliate marketing explained…

Affiliate marketing is where you act as a middle person between buyer and seller. You don’t have to produce or stock any products yourself, there is no product handling involved. You are not involved in any customer service or dealing with complaints or returns. You are simply an introducer and when someone buys the product you have introduced them to you receive a commission on that sale. Depending on what your selling commissions can be anything from 3% up to as much as 100%. It really is that easy!

You don’t even need technical skills to become an Affiliate Marketer.

So, how did I get started?

I know you’re dying to know. I joined a community called Six Figure Mentors. You can check them out here:

They do ‘what it says on the tin’ – mentor you to a 6 figure income. They walk you through, step by step, how to set up websites, how and where to find products to sell…

but hey, why listen to me explain? let me introduce you to Stuart Ross, one of my mentors, to do it for me. He’s much better at it. Listen to what he has to say by clicking this link:

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