Have you experienced redundancy in the past? Are you facing redundancy now?

How does that make you feel? Worried, anxious, devastated…

Well, when I faced voluntary redundancy 2 years ago I was a little apprehensive but it came at the right time for me. I was only 46, so not ready for retirement and pension payout and I hadn’t been working there for years so wasn’t expecting a big payout but I was excited by the prospect.

It came at the right time as I had been considering asking for a sabbatical for a while. I needed a change of scenery and I was being offered 6 months worth of financial support to do so. It took a little thought but I went for it and I haven’t looked back since.

I wasn’t happy with how my life was going at the time. I knew something had to change. I used to suffer from that Sunday evening feeling, you know, the one that grates in your stomach knowing that you have to get up early in the morning and face another 5 days of early morning starts and the unbearable rush hour commute; of coming home to get ready to do it all again the next day; and already looking forward to Friday. That’s not life!

We go to school and we’re taught to do exams and gain qualifications to join the rat race and limit our income, and our lives quite frankly. I followed the path I was led down and joined the rat race like most of us do. But many years on I have come to realise that this is not living!

There are other paths, other ways to do it and I’m not talking about being an entrepeneur or a big business owner. I can honestly say I am so much happier with life now that I run an online business from home. Check it out here: https://simoneandrealifestyle.com/start/stories

I am not required to work at a particular time in a specific location. I choose when I want to work and where be that in my bed, at my desk or in a coffee shop.

I spend quality time with my daughter, I spend time with friends, I go to the gym and have time to cook proper meals at home. I also teach yoga part-time which I love.

I have discovered a way to earn money alongside living life. What about you? Are you living to work or working to live?


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