Have you tried doing a personality profile to see where your strengths lie? According to Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics, profiling system for entrepreneurs, I am a Creator.

My strengths are that I am a visionary; obviously, creative; I’m optimistic; stimulating; able to inspire others; can multi task; quick to get results; and great at getting things started. He’s got me to a tee!

My weaknesses it states are a poor sense of timing; impatient; over-optimistic with what others can achieve; easily distracted; terrible at getting things finished. Again, spot on!

Other creator profiles include Walt Disney, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, JK Rowling and Elon Musk. Wow, I’m in good company.

Sir Richard Branson 2019

Creators, roger says,

‘…can’t resist creating. They keep creating long after they’ve run out of resorces, money, and other people’s patience. In fact, they have their greatest creative breakthroughs after most would have given up. Before Walt Disney’s first animated movie finished, he ran out of money himself…

Many Creators fail because of their over-optimism as to what their business and their team can achieve. This optimism has led many to take on far too much,leaving them little time to do what they do best. Successful Creators have delegated everything except the creative process itself – and they focus on creating new products, or new companies, while others take care of the day to day business.’

Roger identifies 8 wealth profiles:

  • Creator – creating a better product; great at getting things started, and terrible at finishing
  • Star – creating a better brand; excellent promoters, shining the light on others more than themselves
  • Supporter – leading the team; excellent with people, to be found in the middle of a party
  • Deal Maker – bringing people together; have a strong sense of loyalty, and always make sure everyone is OK
  • Trader – buying low selling high, keep their ear to the ground and keep things fair
  • Accumulator – collecting appreciating assets; are excellent project managers, they are in their flow when collecting and organising existing resources
  • Lord – controlling cash flow assets; great at detail, best at researching and studying information
  • Mechanic – creating a better system; best at completing things but are perfectionists so take longer to get things done.

I know you’re thinking, what’s the point of all this? Knowing your profile type helps you to realise whether you are in the right role, to find out where your flow lies. If you are not feeling fulfilled in your work maybe you are in the wrong role.

So what profile are you? To find out go to: https://www.wdprofiletest.com/home/

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