I love to travel, who doesn’t? I was introduced to travelling by my mum when she took me as a 14 year old and my sister, 10, on a European coach trip. We travelled through Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy for 13 days. I got the bug and have travelled every year since.

My favourite destinations have been Cape Verde, an archipelago of African islands not far from the Spanish Balearic islands. A couple of weeks on the island of Boa Vista spent lazing by the pool and an island tour took us into the desert sands of the Sahara desert which had blown it’s way onto the island. An island that only receives rain once a year and guess what? that day was when we were on holiday on the island. What a blessing sight, the natives were so happy they danced in the torrential rain and jumped in the swimming pool.


I have a love affair with Malta, so much so I bought a timeshare on the island, so this is a regular for me. A country where everyone speaks English and the natives are so friendly. The coastline is rugged and the architecture interesting. In the summer it can become a bit unbearable but the quality of the sun is beautiful.

St Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean island but not one of the popular commercial ones. Luscious and green it is a stunning island of vegetation and mountains. The people of the island speak with an accent that sounds like they are from Yorkshire. My visit to the island was during the Christmas and New Year period so it was a time of frivolity and joy. A long walk along a dried up river was had on Christmas Day to digest the Christmas feast that we enjoyed outside in the warm sun. And the festivities of J’ouvert morning began at 4am on Boxing Day as we danced and through water over each other.


Not forgetting Thailand, we were right on the beach in the area where the fretful tsunami occured not so long ago. But they have done a super job in rebuilding the it so you would never know it ever happened. Fantastic place to get a great massage at such good value (for us anyway) and lovely peaceful people. My highlight of the trip was meeting the elephants.

My baby elephant

As straight as it may seem however, my number one destination is Spain, so much so that I will be emigrating to there in the not so distant future. I have been a fair number of times, to the capital, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Mar Menor in Costa Calida, Costa Del Sol and Costa De La Luz. Being from London, a city girl, I am looking for a slower pace now so the Costas appeal to me more. Why Spain? It’s like UK in the sun but it has palm trees.

As I now run an online business I am able to take my business with me and run it from wherever I choose so the transition to living in Spain should be more straightforward. I can’t wait!

If you’d like to see how I can take my business with me

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