Are you bored or disenchanted with your current career? Do you feel as though you need to bring new challenge into your life? Are you over 40 years old? Scary prospect, huh?

Well it needn’t be. Many people before you have done it. ‘A change is as good as a rest’ as they say. If you’re gonna make a change at this point in your life make sure it’s a good one. Aim to incorporate your passions in your new career choice. I’ve done just that with the training from the Six Figure Mentors I have set up this digital online business. If you click on the button below you see just how I managed to achieve that.

Follow in the footsteps of people like Giorgio Armani, the famous designer, who studied Medicine at university and started his working life in the army and worked in the military hospital. He left the army in 1953 and it wasn’t until 1975 that he started his own company following his passion for designing clothes.

Stephen King, one of the world’s best selling authors was a high school teacher before finding his feet as a novelist. Even Stephen King turned digital in 2000, when he published online a serialized horror novel, The Plant.

Jeff Bezos had a career in computer science in the financial sector before he launched Amazon at the age of 31.

At the age of 50, Julia Child wrote her first cookbook and became a celebrity chef having previously worked in the advertising, media and secret intelligence. It was until she was of adult age that she learned to cook having had a family cook whilst growing up.

I ‘m sure you know the story of Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both were successful Hollywood actors before turning their hands to politics. Arnie has even done it more than once, first being a professional bodybuilder and power-lifter, he is an author, filmmaker and activist. Quite a diverse range of skills, would you agree?

I’m not suggesting that you need to do anything so high profile but why not if you have those talents and desires? All I’m saying is it is absolutely possible to change careers at any stage in your life. Many before you have done so, becoming diving instructors, coaches, lawyers, property investors, garden designers to name just a few. My mother, after being a legal secretary for a number of years, became a lawyer in her 40s and ran her own solicitors practice 3 years after qualifying.

Me personally, I changed career at the age of 46. I used to be a PA in a London university, but I became bored and unchallenged. I didn’t want to spend the next 20 years still doing the arduous commute and sitting in at a desk in front of a computer for hours on end. The opportunity came up for me to accept voluntary redundancy and I took it with open arms. I wasn’t phased at all by the prospect of not having a new job to go to because I knew, quite frankly, that I no longer wanted to work for someone.

I wanted to live life on my own terms. Online business was growing at a rapid rate and I’d heard about affiliate marketing, informing audiences of products and services that would bring them value, and that appealed to me. I spend a lot of my spare time surfing the net anyway so this is something that I knew I would enjoy.

How about you? What is it that you enjoy?

I came across the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) which has been transformational in developing my online career. You reading this blog is an example of the new skills I have learned since joining SFM. I have learned how to build websites, how to do successful online marketing, affiliate marketing, I’ll be learning how to source products in China and bring them to the UK market. I’ve launched a t-shirt range.

Feel free to take a look:

I’m hoping to launch a yoga channel on YouTube in the not too distant future and possibly producing my own brand yoga products, mats, bricks, belts. Like I said earlier, this is an example of incorporating my passion into my business.

Have you thought about your passions and how you could incorporate it into you business yet? It could be anything from knitting to hiking, playing guitar to . You could write a book about your passion, no really I mean it, study human psychology and become a psychologist, a massage therapist, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, band musician. All these things can be done at any age and many of these careers can be done online too. Wanna see how? Click the button below for an insight.

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