As I sit here writing this blog from sunny Spain, I am living my ideal morning. I’m sat on my terrace in the shade hiding from the hot sun that I’ve just been bathing in, on the lounger by the pool. Oh, the peace and tranquility, I can hear the hum of the pool cleansing system and the tweets from all the different birds that are happily roosting amongst the carefully manicured and shaped trees.

I was gently awoken this morning by the rise of the morning sun. No more alarm clocks for me! I showered and put on my yoga clothes ready for my morning session. First though I leisurely had my breakfast of Greek yoghurt with mango, delicious! and a glass of orange juice sat out on the lounger in the sun.

After allowing my breakfast to settle, sat out on the lounger, I began my yoga session right there on the lounger all the while with my eyes closed. Ahh, what bliss! meditating, breathing, practising asanas and relaxing while the sun beats down on me warming up my body. I can see now why hot yoga is so appealing. As I close my eyes and relax the beautiful colours that appear in my minds eye is so nourishing and soothing. With soft, gentle music playing in the background I hardly notice the people that pass by.

After I complete my practice, the groundsman comes over to ask me about yoga and meditation for his son who suffers from anxiety. I only speak a little Spanish, I understand more than I can speak, but enough for him to understand that I would recommend it for his son. I love talking about yoga because I believe everyone should practice yoga whether they have health issues or not. Yoga will help prevent future issues and it helps to ease, or in some cases, eliminate issues.

Simone sitting on a beach wall
Simone sitting on a beach wall

So, I’m three and a half weeks in to my one month stay in Spain. It’s my dream to live in Spain and my dream is getting ever closer. I’m making things happen, this year one month, next year maybe three and after that the big move. For now I’m happy just living my Ideal Morning!

How am I able to do this? Because I work for myself. I can take time off when I want or I can work from wherever I want just with my laptop.

I am a landlady and manage my portfolio myself. Whilst being here, I sorted out a new tenancy, completed a remortgage, and organised a toilet to be fixed.

I am a Yoga Teacher so will be launching my online yoga real soon and I’m also working on my Affiliate Marketing business. 

A world away from 3 years ago when I used to be abruptly awoken by my alarm clock to get up in the dark, to travel 80 miles on the train to work and 80 miles back. To spend my whole day sitting on my butt in front of a computer as my body began to seize up. Ugh, it erks me just to think about it, so I won’t.

What about you? Are you living your ideal morning?

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