Face of Simone on holiday in Malta
Simone sunning herself at 5* timehare resort in Malta

Hey! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by to check me out.

I was born and bred in London some 40 odd years ago but whilst I am glad to have grown up there and brought my daughter up there I had had enough of the hustle and bustle and in 2014 I left.

I never thought I would, I was a city girl. But now I live happily by the sea in beautiful Folkestone on the Kent coast. I live in a beautiful Victorian Villa with my most favourite people in the world, my daughter, mum and sister, in no particular order.

Family posing with  elephants in Thailand
Family posing with elephants in Thailand

For the first 3 years of living here, I commuted to London working as a PA in a London University whilst I was busy building up my mini property portfolio. I just knew there was more to life than sitting on a train to get to work, then sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day. Only to sit on the train to get home and flop out on the sofa then to bed to start the cycle all over again. I’m happy to say that after 3 years I had built up my portfolio enough to be in a position to give up my job and be financially free. That means I didn’t have to get up every day and travel to a JOB – Just Over Broke – in order to pay my bills.

That being said I still needed something to get up for in the mornings, albeit without the alarm clock, Yay! So having trained as a Yoga Teacher some 5 years ago I now had the time on my hands to put it into practice. That’s one of my businesses I now do.

On top of that, I have time to focus on myself and go to the gym 2-3 times a week in my own time. Having weight-trained myself to a 1 and a half stone weight loss I decided I wanted to share my skills and become a Personal Trainer so that I could help others to do the same. So I’m now doing a Personal Trainer course.

And as if that wasn’t enough, not being a 9-5 kind of girl and not wanting to be tied to one place I had been thinking about a business I could do online, since that’s the way things are going nowadays. I’ve looked into a few offerings and never really found anything I felt enough passion about until I came across SFM – Six Figure Mentors.

It offered the opportunity to learn new skills, building an online business that could be done anywhere in the world as long as there was an internet connection. Reaching clients globally and making money even in your sleep. I was hooked by my mentor Stuart’s charming delivery and now I am happy to introduce this concept to the world!

Notebook, laptop, coffee and handbag
Working online in the coffee shop

But be warned, it is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not for the lazy people who don’t want to put work into it. Heck, it’s a business, what business do you know that doesn’t need your heavy input at start-up? But once you have put the hard work in, it will pay off.

So, if like me, you dread the alarm going off, the dark early mornings when you have to leave your house come rain, wind or snow, the sitting on the train during the rush hour hustle and then sitting on your, pardon me, backside all day long; and you realise there is more to life than this, just take a look at how we can help you to make a change, if that’s what you’re looking for?

But you do have to be ready, I mean really ready, ready to commit and put your all into it to achieve that freedom that so many of us already have and that you would wish for too. To have an open mind and be willing to learn new skills. Who doesn’t want to learn new skills? If that’s not you, then this isn’t for you and you can STOP reading now!

Still here? I congratulate you.

This is not anything like those other ads where they tell you ‘I make millions of dollars from my laptop’ take your money and just send you some info and leave you to get on with it. I promise you, this is dealing with real people who have done the work before you and are happy to give back, to hold your hand and walk you through, step by step, get set up with your online business.

So, if you are in the least bit curious, all I ask is you take advantage of the free video workshops here.

I think you’ll be impressed!

I hope you won’t miss this opportunity to make a change in your life if you really are ready.