I am a Creator Profile, Which One Are You?

Have you tried doing a personality profile to see where your strengths lie? According to Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics, profiling system for entrepreneurs, I am a Creator. My strengths are that I am a visionary; obviously, creative; I’m optimistic; stimulating; able to inspire others; can multi task; quick to get results; and great at getting […]

‘Job For Life’ Just Doesn’t Exist Anymore!

Have you experienced redundancy in the past? Are you facing redundancy now? How does that make you feel? Worried, anxious, devastated… Well, when I faced voluntary redundancy 2 years ago I was a little apprehensive but it came at the right time for me. I was only 46, so not ready for retirement and pension […]

But… Does Money Really Make You Happy?

I say “no”! It’s not the intrinsic pounds that make you happy. It’s the opportunities that money can open to you which make you happy. So what is it that really makes you happy? Below I have listed 4 things that I believe lead to happiness. You may disagree with me, but that’s OK as […]